Stage Manager, Actress, MUA, Photographer and general Cat Person. I play Cora in NMTD and drink far too much Ribena. I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine.


“When valor preys on reason, it eats the sword it fights with.”

William Shakespeare, via Enobarbus, Anthony and Cleopatra (III.xiii.199-200)

“When did YOUR childhood end? How badly did YOU get hurt, when you did, when you were this little, when you were this wee little hurt able thing, nothing but big eyes, a heart, a few hundred words? Isn’t it wonderful how we never recover? Injuries and wounds, ladies and gents. Slights and abuses, oh, what a paradise. Living in fear, suiting the hurt to our need. I’m serious. What a happy life. What a good game. Who can stand the most, the most life, and still smile, still grin into the coming night saying more, more more. Encore you fates, you fuckers! Just give me more of the bloody bloody same!”

– Thom Pain: based on nothing By Will Eno