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“I have been very single minded with how I want to live my life. Make pictures and create an environment that brings me a sense of happiness.”—Cig Harvey 

I first came across Cig Harvey’s work earlier this year while touring The AIPAD Photography Show here in New York.  I found the work to be refreshing, striking and imbued with feeling.  In May, her monograph, You Look At Me Like An Emergency, was published, and I was once again reminded of her talent.

Cig Harvey is originally from Devon, a heartbreakingly beautiful place in the southwest of England, and now lives in the States.  She’s someone in love with photography, but perhaps it’s her ex-pat British sensibility that gives her photographs their unique point-of-view.  If photographs reflect ourselves and the photographers who take them, then Cig Harvey is one artist well-qualified to teach others how to find the magic.  —Lane Nevares